To our dear British cousins who seem fit to call Americans fat and stupid, it appears to me that it is your ignorance or lack of historical memory that drives your opinions. The memory of the Act of Proscription, enacted on November 1, 1747, in order to subdue the highlands of Scotland is writ large in the American psyche. We Americans remember, we remember that a disarmed people is a conquered people. We put our memory down in writing, so we will always remember. We wrote it down, in every State constitution and in the Federal Constitution, the very simple principle that all free men have the God given right to bear arms. And yes, we Americans cling to God and our guns – though I, for one, am not bitter.

I have read that our Republic was brewed in Scotland, bottled in Ireland and victoriously uncorked in America. The Scottish Enlightenment is the root of all of our political forms. If you ever bothered to read the writings of Francis Hutcheson or George Buchannon then it would be ever apparent that America is the fruit of their philosophy which is firmly rooted in the foundation of the Christ. We are the heirs of the United Irishmen. We Americans did away with the Established Religion and the Test Act, that oppressed both Catholics and the members of the Kirk alike, think of Emmett, Wolfe Tone and Roddy McCorley. When our own Revolution seemed lost, stalemate in the North and utter defeat in the South, from the backwoods we Americans gathered. With our own firearms, we met the King’s best at Cowpens, at Kings Mountain, at Guilford and finally at Yorktown. We remember the words of those who would enslave us, those who called us “rednecks”, “crackers” and “wild Irish” that needed to be cleared from the land. We remember your ways and your words. By the possession of firearms we exercise our God given right to defend our liberty, our lives and our property. You would be wise to remember our ways and our words – “No Surrender” and “No King but Christ”.
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  1. prodogg1 says:

    Nice essay, sonny but incomplete. It’s “No compromise. no surrender, no King but Christ.”

  2. DingoDogg says:

    Hola, ?Gracias! Ahora me ir? en este blog cada d?a!
    Have a nice day


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