School Taxes

The Lebanon 9-12 project sent me this video. They are interested in property tax elimination because no one should be driven from their home. We own our homes in this country and do not have to pay rent to the government. But we do not have rights anymore, only privileges from those in power.

But the real question is, “Are you getting what you are paying for?” If you’re paying for indoctrinated and dumbed down kids, you are. And a tax cut today will be replaced by double taxes tomorrow when they vote. I have contacted all the 9-12s, tea parties, etc. in Pa. and none are interested in what is being taught in the schools. Not being thrown out of your house today is important, but your kids are being taught to throw you out tomorrow.

However there is some important information in this long video for those wanting to do something to reduce their taxes and who are willing to get up and do something.

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