Obama only allows tyranny in the USA

“A new generation has emerged. And their voices tell us that change cannot be denied. In Cairo, we heard the voice of the young mother who said, ‘It’s like I can finally breathe fresh air for the first time. In Sanaa, we heard the students who chanted, ‘The night must come to an end.’ In Benghazi, we heard the engineer who said, ‘Our words are free now. It’s a feeling you can’t explain.’ In Damascus, we heard the young man who said, ‘After the first yelling, the first shout, you feel dignity.’ Those shouts of human dignity are being heard across the region.”
Barack Obama

On May 19th of 2011 Barack Obama sang praises of the Arab Spring uprising that was spanning the Middle East, Northern Africa and Indonesia. 10 days later we were sending warships into the Mediterranean and joining with NATO Forces to topple dictators. Forget the Constitution; Forget the War Powers Resolution- the President went around Congress and committed US troops to an Unconstitutional War.

European media outlets began to warn of the foolish nature of this effort. There is no doubt that there were dictators in that part of the world-dictators who were resistant to the growing problems of Hezbollah, Taliban and Al Qaeda forces. The warning was clear that we were, in fact, aiding enemy forces that had openly attacked American soil on September 11, 2001. The warning was shouted that all we were doing was replacing one form of tyranny with another…one that was potentially far more dangerous to the security of the world.

According to the United Nations, more than 20,000 people were massacred during the Syrian Armed Revolt. By now most of us know about 4 Americans killed in the Benghazi Attack but thanks to a virtually silent news media few are aware of the constant attacks in other parts of the world. Remote places like Sanaa whose protestors stormed an American Embassy compound burning the US Flag while screaming chants of “Death to Israel” and “Death To America” on September 13

America news media outlets do not seem to think that any of this is news worthy. Insider sources are claiming that Ambassador Steven’s death was part of a gun-running scheme that went wrong. A gun-running scheme that had Administrative support in putting 400 ton of heavy weapons seized during the toppling of Gaddafi into the hands of enemies of America. Fast and Furious would pale in comparison to this arming of a people hostile to America and your press still deems that this is not a newsworthy story.

During the 2004 Election cycle a 20 year old DUI charge against George Bush was newsworthy. Dan Rather staked his political career on an unsubstantiated rumor to lead on a story that ended his career in an attempt to destroy George Bush because he believed it was newsworthy. Sarah Palin’s Down’s child was newsworthy in 2008 along with anything related to Bristol, Palin’s daughter. During the Bush Presidency we got daily updates on the death tally of the war on terror because they felt it was newsworthy.

Arming drug cartels in Mexico with weapons used against American citizens…suddenly not newsworthy or related to this election cycle. Libya is off the table; Arms to terrorists….not worth talking about; 70% of all military deaths in the “War on Terror”: 80% of the wounded all happening under Obama’s 4 years-unmentionable. While Dan Rather was willing to end his career to promote a lie, the majority of the American press refuses to tell the truth about Obama. In fact, Candy Crawley was willing to lie in defense of the President in a National Debate.

As much as 10 months before the death of Ambassador Stevens, black Al Qaeda flags were flying over government buildings in Libya. While widely reported in European Press, not a word came through American “journalism.” American media is determined to keep anything that reflects negatively on this President while stooping to almost any level to try and prove that Mitt Romney hates women. While everyone knew what Romney meant when he said “Binders full of women”; while everyone knew there was nothing anti-woman in that comment…that comment the American Press felt was newsworthy and it was newsworthy enough to twist and lie to make it as negative as possible. 4 dead Americans as a result of a gun-running scheme where Military forces who could have stopped this slaughter are ordered to STAND DOWN…that’s not newsworthy.

During Obama’s impassioned Arab Spring speech he also said this “That story of self-determination began six months ago in Tunisia. On December 17th, a young vendor named Mohammed Bouazizi was devastated when a police officer confiscated his cart. This was not unique. It’s the same kind of humiliation that takes place every day in many parts of the world -– the relentless tyranny of governments that deny their citizens dignity.”

In 2011, three little girls in Midway, Georgia decided that they would set up a lemonade stand so that they could raise some money to go to a waterpark. Well, the stand was up for just one day before the police came by and cracked down on the girls. The same thing happened in Coralville, Iowa; Portland Oregon; Appleton Wisconsin. In March 2011, Caitlin and Abigail Mills were told by Hazelwood, Missouri police that they couldn’t sell Girl Scout Cookies in their own driveway.

As we reported before things like collecting rainwater can get you jail time. Growing flowers in your front yard can also result in heavy fines depending on where you live. This is somehow justifiable in America but in the other half of the world it’s reason to arm terrorists to overthrown their government all with the blessing and able assistance of a seated President of the United States of America even though those terrorists have called for the destruction of Western Civilization and conducted acts of terrorism on American soil.

If you are outraged by American Media and their refusal to expose the horrendous actions of this President I urge you to contact them and let them know:

ABC News: 212-456-777
CBS News: 212-975-4321
NBC News: 212-664-3720

Visit Lebanon, PA 9-12 project at: http://lebanon912.org/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

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