Good, Bad, and Evil

The problem is not the bad guys in office, it’s the bad voters who will not vote for good guys.
The “vote ’em all out” sentiment never ceases to amaze me. Why would you want to send the message that doing the right thing would be punished? And the party favorites are left in anyway. In Pennsylvania that’s what happened. The Republican bosses got the people to screw themselves by retaining a crooked judge and senator during Pa. Clean Sweep. Where I live, the people got up in arms over two commissioners. The two bad guys quit and the voters threw out the guy who voted for them. Go figure. Hey, if you want to do the right thing or lie, cheat, and steal the voters make no distinction. And you wonder why nobody in gov’t is honest? If you don’t care, they sure won’t. Elections are coming up where you can make a difference. If everyone would vote American instead of for the lesser of two evils, the pols would get the message and good guys would run. Send whichever message you want. You’ll get the gov’t you deserve, but I deserve better.
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