April 5th – DO’S AND DON’TS


We are working to get as many States as possible to demonstrate on this day – at the same time: 2:00 PM Eastern, 1:00 PM Central, 12 Noon Mountain, 11:00 AM Pacific

This is primarily for those people/groups who are organizing a demonstration. But, I firmly believe that everyone should be “kept in the loop” and feel free to provide input/suggestions/criticism.

I received another suggestion for a sign: TESTS in ExCESS!!!

If you are in a large county, like Broward, where I live – pick a few District Offices in different areas of your county. In Broward, we will probably demonstrate at an office in the western, eastern, and central portions of the county. One of these locations should be easy to get to for everyone. If we receive feedback of a large turnout at all three locations, we would set up one in the northern and southern portions also.

Unless you have no other option – DO NOT demonstrate at the District Office of a Black legislator. The liberal media might jump at this – stating that this is an example of racial bigotry. Although TP/912 and Conservative Groups are mixed in race, ethnicity, and religion – the media loves to state that everyone is “Right Wing, White, and Religious Extremists”.

Unless your legislators are all of the same political party, try to demonstrate at the district office of both a Democrat and Republican. Always keep in mind that the liberal media is going to be looking for any excuse to denigrate our actions.

Districts often cover more than one county, This is especially true in smaller, underpopulated areas in the northern and rural areas of our State. Work to coordinate efforts with all counties.

Once locations have been determined, contact the city where the demonstration will be happening – giving the location, date, time, and general explanation of the reason for the event. So long as you are on public property (sidewalk, curb strip, etc.), they cannot deny your right to demonstrate. YOU DO NOT NEED TO GET A LICENSE OR PAY A FEE. Most cities will probably send a police officer to monitor the event.

At least two days before (Thursday, April 3rd), contact your local media and inform them of the demonstration. We want to give them enough time to report it . Post a notice on “social networks” like Facebook.

A week before, send an email with specific information about the demonstration to everyone on your contact list. Send a “Friendly Reminder” at least 24 hours before. Your email should suggest that they dress carefully – with no T-Shirts etc. that give a negative impression. Remind them that they may be photographed and that this is the type of thing the media loves to focus on. We don’t want to give them any “ammunition”.

If you have the inclination (and energy), you may want to make a flyer and distribute it to people/organizations you believe might want to participate.

Because there is no guarantee that your local media will cover the demonstration, encourage people to bring a camera and/or video. These can then be posted on U-Tube, Facebook, and other websites. Definitely, parents should bring their children – the more the better.

This is YOUR local demonstration. You may want to ask someone in your area to give a short speech. You also will need to choose someone to lead the Pledge of Allegiance (Remember to bring a flag!) – possibly a Boy/Girl Scout troop or Veterans Organization.

As the demonstration is on the birthday of Booker T Washington, you may want to do some research and possibly make reference to his philosophy and contributions to education. He was a Black REPUBLICAN who was against the NAACP – created when he was alive. He did not agree with their actions – believing, like Martin Luther King, Jr., in peaceful, non-combatant actions.

Sheri Krass
State Chair, Florida Chapter Of EUSE
National Co-Chair, Eye On US Education (EUSE)

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  1. prodogg1 says:

    It might not be a good idea to snub a black legislator either.

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