No Spin Zone

A special request to Ann Coulter: How did Mitch vote when it really counted?

Also, I get Mail:
The Times reports that McConnell and his allies are trying to “cut into (the Tea Party‚Äôs) fund-raising and diminish them as a future force in Republican politics.”

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  1. wildman says:

    Years ago a guy asked me to go to a demonstration at city hall. I said that demonstrations are for hippies and other bum loafers. Won’t nobody show up. He said they were really in earnest and there were lots of them. Guess who was the only one to show?

    Me and the kids figured we were alone in America and then the Patriot Movement came out. Even before we got in, it died.

    Now Coulter and the beltway mob are trying to kill the Tea Party. If it dies we give up!

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