Same Ol’, Same Ol’.

The same old people are talking the same old talk. New news, but same old talk. If only the GOP would win they would do something this time. Like hell they will. Never have, never will. Don’t vote for the good guys, they always finish last. That’s because the same old people are talking and you’re still listening.

And all the same old famous pundits are still saying the same old things that will keep them famous. They never help people who are trying to do something. They all talk about common core but nobody helped EUSE when they tried to raise national awareness. We have thousands of subscribers but nobody helps me here.

There are lots of “conservative” groups, but they are spinning their wheels if they think they can achieve their goals with the schools turning out properly uneducated and indoctrinated voters. But when we get a Republican government to admit more criminal aliens, things will get better. Not.

Our great thinkers are bad mouthing jihad and in the same breath supporting them in the Ukraine, Chechnya, and Bosnia. And you wonder why you are getting the finger from Putin? Down with ISIS! Bury them in money. Vote for any commie with an R after his name! Impeach Obama? Are you brain dead? We still have gun laws and Obamacare among other unconstitutional horrors. What makes you think you have the votes to get rid of any other menace?

I worked hard for McCain/Palin because I saw the danger of Obama. I also see the danger in letting liberals think they can depend on your vote if they put an R after their name. Which reminds me. Why does everyone hate Palin? It was McCain who lost the election. She was the only chance he had. There was not another candidate who could have kept his head out of the toilet.

They talk of scandals. They talk of common core. They talk of jihad. They talk of illegals. Etc. Ad infinitum. And they talk of keeping the same bums in office who are causing them. Some of you idjits think the people elect the candidates in the primaries. In some cases that’s true, but the good guys don’t get the same support as the establishment scum.

That’s why I don’t publish the same ol’, same ol’ anymore. I’m as busy as any of you. If you see something new and important, why not help out. I don’t have time to visit everybody’s pages and read everything. Some people don’t say much in their ledes. If you find something new and worth while and don’t want to participate in the site, at least e-mail me. We have a contact link. Thanks.

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