Headline:Voters Fiddle While Country Burns

Are you Ready for Hillary?

You’d better be. You guaranteed her election when you nominated the only Republican who could not beat Obama in 2012.

A Republican incumbent could have bested her this time. The best we’ve got will have an uphill battle, but you will not nominate the best.

The Democrats only nominate their best. And they’re winning! And you could too. You’ll never learn. Look what you got when you nominated Reagan. Who’d elect a movie star? People who wanted an American government who. Who’d elect an un-American terrorist who wasn’t even Constitutionally eligible? Un-American socialists who. While Americans stayed home in droves in despair because the only conservative candidate on the ticket was the VP nominee.

I could go on and on about how your wishy washy candidates are ruining this country as fast as the Democratic socialists, and I know I usually do, but I’m running out of hope and outrage.

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