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This is infringement of the Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights. First the 2nd amendment, then the first . Then the supremes gave a home to a private party who left town after destroying a life and costing the state, nation, and city untold dollars. The first thing the federal gov’t did was to disregard the Constitution in the first place. That’s why we have a Bill of Rights. It means just exactly what it says. That is why it was drafted. It says so in the preamble. The founding fathers said so separately. There’s not much time left to get it back. When America is gone there is no one who will come to the rescue. See “Infringement“. America will not be there to come to rescue us like we did Austria.
The federal gov’t has become the dictator that the Constitution specifically prohibited. Freedom is just our generation away from extinction, and when it’s gone it’s gone. If you let it slip away, your great, great grandchildren will never see it.
Do you think the Democrats or Republicans will help you? They have both had control and neither party has improved the lot of the common worker. They rule for themselves and the chosen few. If you let them insert their candidates, it will be same ol’, same ol’. There are other choices. Those of you who know Peg Luksik or Bill Russell in Pa., or like candidates in other states, (Col West comes to mind though he’s probably a GOP pick as well) get out the vote for them. If you do nothing, nothing will get done. Or at least what is done will be done to you.
Check out our other links for candidates web sites and make informed decisions.
Our Constitution is the brightest star that’s ever shone. DON’T LET IT GO OUT!
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