Things You Oughtta Know

This page is for things that should be common knowledge but aren’t.
Yellow Birch
Good tinder and edible inner bark.
Because of it’s oil, the loose bark of the yellow or other birch makes good tinder even when wet. It burns hot and long. The inner bark is edible and tastes like wintergreen. Most wintergreen flavoring comes from black birch.

Some things you oughtta know. Some things nobody tells anybody. Like Border Collies. Never help Collies of any kind chase stock through a gate or door. Unless another handler is standing by the gate or door. They are bred to not let stock escape through a gate or door. Stand by the gate or door and let the dog do his stuff. He’ll bring them to you.

Apparently dogs don’t like strangers getting in their faces. There have been several people bitten in the face when they got it too close to a dogs face.

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