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This is for all the fine brave men who died on foreign shores, and those who came back to find freedom missing at home.

[D]There was a fine doggie, and he [A]lived to roam.
He rambled the land though he [G]loved his [A]home.
The[D] good and the evil he[A] fought one and all.
But he did not hear when his [G]lady [A]did [D]call.
Oh [D]mo laddie, mo laddie where have you[G] been all the[D] day?
You[A] were off with the sun for[G] frolic and[A] fun
Now they’ve[D] carried your [A]good lady [D]far. far away.
And [A]now you’ll be [G]running for[D]ever

There was a fine doggie, He had a fine home.
He had a fine lady and thought all was won.
He did not ken as he ran off to play,
He would live in an alley to this very day.

You frolicked in places away far and near,
While evil came and stole all you held dear.
To defend your fine lady is why you were fed.
Now no nay never will you have home or bed.