Our Only Hope

“Lord, You are the source of every good thing. You are our only hope, and we stand before You in awe of Your power and in gratitude for Your blessings, and in humility for our sins. Father, our hearts break for America. We see discord at home. We see fear in the marketplace. We see anger in the halls of government, and as a nation we have forgotten Who made us, Who protects us, and for that we cry out for forgiveness.” –Rick Perry

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Support Arizona
Support the Constitution
Get all your freinds together and buy Citizen’s Rule Books. They’re cheaper by the thousand. Pass them out to young people. Take our country back!!!!!
Whitten Printers
602-258-6406 – (fax602-252-9520)
1001 South 5th Street
Phoenix Az 85004
What’s in it? See geocities archive.

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Can you help us out with our “What It Means” page?
Or our Things You Oughtta Know Page?

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Did We Win?

Each political party has picked a loser this year. Unfortunately, one of them is going to win, and then the whole country can lose, big time.

I am so old that I can remember when liberals were liberal, and when common decency was actually common.

Have you ever encountered even one human being — whether in person, in print or in the broadcast media — who denied that climates change? If not, why do you suppose zealots for the catastrophic “global warming” theory want laws passed to punish “climate change deniers”? Is it because they are losing the battle of evidence on “global warming” and need to shut up others?

One of the mysteries of the ages is why the political left has, for centuries, lavished so much attention on the well-being of criminals and paid so little attention to their victims.
Thomas Sowell, Patriot Post

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The Rest of the Story


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I’m the last person to vote for “the most conservative person who can be elected”. But sometimes you have to vote against evil. Didn’t you believe Obama could keep his promises? Well you better believe Hillary can.

This is a negative election. But what are you for? Truth, justice, and the American way? The Constitution? Just because you don’t like Trump is no reason to sell out your country. You know what Hillary will do. Here is one positive thing on Trump.

Cochranton Courier

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Headline:Voters Fiddle While Country Burns

Are you Ready for Hillary?

You’d better be. You guaranteed her election when you nominated the only Republican who could not beat Obama in 2012.

A Republican incumbent could have bested her this time. The best we’ve got will have an uphill battle, but you will not nominate the best.

The Democrats only nominate their best. And they’re winning! And you could too. You’ll never learn. Look what you got when you nominated Reagan. Who’d elect a movie star? People who wanted an American government who. Who’d elect an un-American terrorist who wasn’t even Constitutionally eligible? Un-American socialists who. While Americans stayed home in droves in despair because the only conservative candidate on the ticket was the VP nominee.

I could go on and on about how your wishy washy candidates are ruining this country as fast as the Democratic socialists, and I know I usually do, but I’m running out of hope and outrage.

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What Is the Future of Religion?

We now have comforts and technology that ancient people couldn’t even dream of, yet that doesn’t keep people from finding lots of ways to be angry and miserable (something the internet has helped expose and enhance rather than alleviate). And this will continue despite the new things we’ll invent and discover in the future, as logic is just incapable of answering the fundamental questions we truly desire answers for.

This is the problem the protagonist in Superego runs into when his simple world of being an intergalactic hitman is thrown out of whack. Despite being a psychopath, he wants purpose in life, but all logic will ever tell him is that no such thing exists. But that’s not an answer anyone can ever truly accept.

So, no matter how far in the future it is, still expect people to make the usual plans for Sunday morning. Yes, as times change, we can expect some changes to organized religion — or at least for them to add words like “space” and “laser” to old things to make them sound more futuristic, as is the custom (actually, “Space Laser Church” sounds awesome).

And if one day we encounter other intelligent life — all with their own religions — that will certainly lead to… a lot of think pieces, in the least (in Superego, one group that’s successfully united numerous religions is a terrorist organization).

But if a religion has been around a thousand years already, there are probably good odds it will last a thousand more. For religion will always fill a round hole that the square peg of logic and science will never fit in, and give us a continuity as a people that, no matter how things change or weird things get, our important values stay constant.
By Frank J. Fleming

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It’s me again, Margaret!

Just wondering if you noticed the results you got by voting for the best electable Republicans.

You might just as well stayed home on election day. Right?

If you don’t vote for the best, period, you’re stuck with the rest, period. You don’t vote for the best, so they don’t run.

The best are electable if you vote for them!!!

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Missing Words

In George Orwell’s 1984, the hero, a man named Winston, rebels against Big Brother. He is eventually caught and placed in prison for interrogation and re-education. His interrogator is named O’Brien. O’Brien explains the importance of Newspeak, in which the vocabulary of the citizens is slowly and irrevocably contracted. The point of the contraction is to eliminate “thought-crime”, or ideas that are not approved by Big Brother. Words such as independence need to be erased from the vocabulary pool because if the word does not exist, the thought that such a word expresses will disappear as well.

The writers of the new Advanced Placement United States History course framework do an excellent job of implementing this philosophy. The Framework was developed by Common Core architect David Coleman’s College Board, and is being implemented in American classrooms right now.

The framework is a document of omissions. And the omission matter.

It is not just the omission of Roger Williams and William Penn. It is that their omission removes the ideas of religious toleration and religious liberty taught by these men and practiced in colonial America. Yet the idea that people have a legitimate right to practice their faith without persecution, and without penalty, is fundamental to an understanding of what is exceptional about America, both in colonial times and in the 21st century.

It is not just the omission of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. It is that their omission removes the idea…

that there is an authority higher than the government, a Creator Who is the source of individual rights that no government can rightfully abridge. Yet that idea echoed around the globe, causing people from every land to leave everything and everyone they knew to come to this exceptional nation where your past did not have to determine your future. And that idea is as critical today as it was in 1776.

It is not just the omission of Valley Forge and Iwo Jima and the beaches of Normandy. It is that their omission removes the idea that our freedom has been won and preserved through the sacrifice of Americans who came before us. Yet the idea that America has produced generations of men and women who were willing to die, not just to preserve their own freedom, but to preserve that of others, is part of what has made this nation truly exceptional for over 200 years.

And it is not just the omission of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust and the Death March of Bataan. It is that their omission removes the fact that other nations do not share our idea that each of us is endowed with unalienable rights, and hides the atrocities that have resulted from that lack of understanding.

We are not a perfect nation, and our children need to know where and how we failed so they can correct the errors we have made. But the framework presents America as a nation that has only failed.

That is simply not true.

We do not need our children to learn a Newspeak version of American history. We need them to learn the real account – because even with all of our warts, America has been a beacon of hope for over two centuries. And to preserve that beacon, our children need to understand how exceptional this nation of ours truly is.

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Same Ol’, Same Ol’.

The same old people are talking the same old talk. New news, but same old talk. If only the GOP would win they would do something this time. Like hell they will. Never have, never will. Don’t vote for the good guys, they always finish last. That’s because the same old people are talking and you’re still listening.

And all the same old famous pundits are still saying the same old things that will keep them famous. They never help people who are trying to do something. They all talk about common core but nobody helped EUSE when they tried to raise national awareness. We have thousands of subscribers but nobody helps me here.

There are lots of “conservative” groups, but they are spinning their wheels if they think they can achieve their goals with the schools turning out properly uneducated and indoctrinated voters. But when we get a Republican government to admit more criminal aliens, things will get better. Not.

Our great thinkers are bad mouthing jihad and in the same breath supporting them in the Ukraine, Chechnya, and Bosnia. And you wonder why you are getting the finger from Putin? Down with ISIS! Bury them in money. Vote for any commie with an R after his name! Impeach Obama? Are you brain dead? We still have gun laws and Obamacare among other unconstitutional horrors. What makes you think you have the votes to get rid of any other menace?

I worked hard for McCain/Palin because I saw the danger of Obama. I also see the danger in letting liberals think they can depend on your vote if they put an R after their name. Which reminds me. Why does everyone hate Palin? It was McCain who lost the election. She was the only chance he had. There was not another candidate who could have kept his head out of the toilet.

They talk of scandals. They talk of common core. They talk of jihad. They talk of illegals. Etc. Ad infinitum. And they talk of keeping the same bums in office who are causing them. Some of you idjits think the people elect the candidates in the primaries. In some cases that’s true, but the good guys don’t get the same support as the establishment scum.

That’s why I don’t publish the same ol’, same ol’ anymore. I’m as busy as any of you. If you see something new and important, why not help out. I don’t have time to visit everybody’s pages and read everything. Some people don’t say much in their ledes. If you find something new and worth while and don’t want to participate in the site, at least e-mail me. We have a contact link. Thanks.

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Occupation of Cyprus Underscores Hypocrisy of Gaza Outrage

Nicosia is certainly more divided than is Jerusalem. Thousands of Greek refugees lost their homes more recently, in 1974, than did the Palestinians in 1947.

Turkey has far more troops in Northern Cyprus than Israel has in the West Bank. Greek Cypriots, unlike Palestinians, vastly outnumbered their adversaries. Indeed, a minority comprising about a quarter of the island’s population controls close to 40 percent of the landmass. Whereas Israel is a member of the U.N., Turkish Cyprus is an unrecognized outlaw nation.
Victor Davis Hanson

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Truth or Consequences

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